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Germany period in 1996 ~

In 1996, George Fuellen revived the effort of Bioperl in practical terms by setting up a course and spreading it.
Efffectively, George and his colleagues(students) were doing most of the work at some point. Bioperl would have developed much more slowly without this boost by his team.

Around this time and later, Jong have purchased and  He left so that Georg Fuellen and other people (anyone who would be interested in)  would take it one day.  Anyway, Jong wanted to have at least one domain left for other than Cambridge side (around that time people in general did not think of internet domains would become so important and specific domain names such as bioperl would be taken by some irrelevant people).  Not known exactly when, but at some point there was emails noting that Jong did not take and Chris later took the domain.  As hoped it has been used as a good gathering point for bioperl  oo developers.  Also, the project has been growing big and could include diverse kinds of people. Jong did the same thing for leaving it. Later Matt or Chris took it providing present

Personal records about, and
I kept my and for my own original philsophical and personal plans. At around the end of 1999 or  early 2000, the domain registrar called Totalnic did the infamous "domain kidnapping" taking the domains as hostages. Around the world this became an issue and ICANN and serveral  governments had to examine how domain registrar could take domains as hostage forcing expensive renewal fee (compared to newer and cheaper registrars available that time). At this time, I did not have much money and could not keep many bio- domains such as, at the high prices and was moving a lot of them to In doing so, Totalnic did an unreasonable thing to many people including me. They just released the domains without proper warnings with some wrong releasing date information. When I was back to check the domains, most of my important domains were in public for sale. I lost,, and many other personally owned domains.
(This experience made me feel upset and realized that I needed to manage such domains better. I regarded such domains public resource that we could all use for sharing programs and information conforming to the very first httpd/html philosophy of exchanging files and information. -- Jong )

Georg Fuellen's Germany site
Local copy of old Georg Fuellen's Germany site : in case it disappears from the net. 

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