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Registration form is appended below. Registration is via email only. Please cut and past form into an email message and send to Registrants will recieve email confirmation upon receipt of information.

Registration fees should be made out to The Bioperl Project in US dollars which can be cashed at a US bank, and mailed to the following address before our registration deadline of July 1, 1999:

July 1999 -- we are in the process of increasing our fees by 20% for late registrants. We will still accept the 'old' fees until the credit card pages at are updated. The new fees for late registration will be as follows: $36 for student/postdocs, $50 for other academics and $84 for industry or commercial attendees.

Chris Dagdigian / Bioperl-99
Genetics Institute
35 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA, 02140

Credit card payments:
We can now accept workshop registration payments via credit card thanks to the kind folks at ISCB. The URL for credit card registration is if your browser can handle secure SSL connections. Browsers that cannot handle SSL should connect to Do not forget to fill out and send the email registration form below.

See below for details if you wish to wire your payment directly into our bank account. Late registrations and payments may not be accepted due to space constraints and may involve a late fee.

We are trying to avoid having to deal with registration and payment issues on the day of the workshop -- we expect to be busy with the workshop itself and may not have the time, resources or staff to handle on-site registration and payment.

We understand that for some people, arranging the check before July 1st will be difficult. Please email if you have difficulties and we will try to sort some workaround out.

Wire Transfer Information:

Routing/Transit Number   011 000 390
Bioperl Account Number   027785256
Account Name   Christopher R Dagdigian D/B/A The Bioperl Project
Bank   BankBoston, 100 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02105
Wire Office Hours   8:00 - 16:30 EST, Monday-Friday
Wire Notes   Please let know about your transfer. Include the date, amount and bank info so we can match incoming funds to actual registrants.



Bioperl'99 Registration Form


First Name: Last Name: Affiliation: Title: Phone: Email: Postal Address:

Fee (USD): [ ] $30 - I am a student or postdoc [ ] $50 - I am from a university or academic facility [ ] $70 - I am from an industry, commercial or government facility

Payment method: [ ] - I have/will pay via credit card at the site [ ] - I have/will mail payment or transfer funds via wire

Please provide detailed information if you will require special facilities or dietary assistance.

The following fields are optional and will be used only to help bioperl'99 organizers better understand the interests of the workshop attendees:

What type(s) of work are you involved in?

What do you use perl for?

Have you used or evaluated any of the core bioperl modules?

Any comments or suggestions?




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