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Bioperl at MRC Cambridge in 1994

The earliest Bioperl project started at MRC centre Cambridge UK in late 1994 and early 1995. By 1995, Steve Brenner and Jong Bhak coined the name Bioperl. Jong's Ph.D. supervisor Tim Hubbard has been keeping where he put his perl subroutines. Jong initially made when he started using Perl. Jong tried to make such lib more general and widely used under completely openfree license scheme he was proposing that was based on freeware and shareware software. was made as a result of that.
The first lib file called and its first module file was  constructed in 1995 by Jong.  contained commonly used subroutines in biology. James Tisdall's DNA workbench had many useful routines and Jong incorporated them with the permission of James. Jong collected commonly used simple subroutines for handling sequences, files, structures and simple  calculation algorithms.
A mailing list was up by Steve Brenner. In 1995, when there was the second/or third ISMB conference in Cambridge, UK, Steve planned to have a lunch time minor session for Bioperl.
At the last minute, Steve cancelled it thinking that there won't be many people around for it.

The basic philosophy of bioperl was introduced through the mailinglist and personal emails around that time.

Jong's early record on the start and development of Bioperl

Jong's Email to Bioperl mailing list on Steve Chervitz's email: About the past/present/future introduction for This was sent to the mailiing list as Steve was not understanding the start and original perspective of bioperl.

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