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BioPerl project is to provide easy programming modules to Biological community (since 1995, Cambridge, UK)

to enhance the development of science and technology.

It is an open and free project.

The term Bioperl is a free public name for everybody. It is a sister project of BioJava and various other Bio[.+] projects.

This bioperl site is the first bioperl site available since 1995. It has gone through a lot of moving and changes. site is another branch off of BioPerl project. This site provides the philosophical background of bioperl project.
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The nature of Bioperl

Throughout the period (and in the future) bioperl has been a natural consequence of many people who had the vision of sharing. I hope Bioperl project will remain that way. If we have to say about 'vision', bioperl is the vision of the result of connected network of minds including the future generation. 

Bioperl programming resource

Background of Bioperl
Bioperl project was not an accident. It was a direct consequence of synthesis of openfree sharing of knowledge and software. The very first bioperl coders advocated liberal and open policy of program development. In fact the very first copyright scheme proposed for Bioperl was not even Perl style but a fully free license. Now it is developed to Biolicense. Such an openfree license is for making synthetive people more synthetive and entrepreneurs become more productive by not restricting their ability of synthesis. Bioperl and Biojava were not a mere technical advancement but they represent the nature of human beings: biological information objects. Being biological means being free in sharing knowledge and information. The is the essence of evolution: constant interaction and communication of information objects.

Vision of Bioperl?
 Bioperl and some other Bio[.+] projects started to share knowledge, ideas, data and passion in the comming bioinformation age. By creating many BioXXX projects, early proponents wanted to promote the world where biological knowledge is openfreely shared by researchers without any bit of restriction. There is no one person's indivisual vision for projects such as bioperl and biojava. Even the vision is out of sharing philosophy not out of promoting individual fame and gain.


Respectful ways of conducting Science and Biology


Bioperl Meeting

The Prefix- and -Suffix of Bioinformatics: Bio- and -Omics

History of Bioperl

Bioperl volunteers suggest a respecful  way of performing science. Also, generous and collaborative attitude toward other researchers.





Bioperl has two types.
Object oriented Bioperl: One group's link for this is
Non-object based resources 

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